Global Arts International Association:

G.A.I.A. believes in the principles and philosophy of the ‘GAIA Hypothesis’.

The GAIA Hypothesis proposes that our 4.5 billion year old Planet Earth functions as a coexistent, codependent, intelligent organism that maintains and controls conditions necessary for its survival and continuing teleological evolution. All lifeforms, including human beings, are considered equal, sacred and part of one living organism.

“Do not multiply things unnecessarily when ‘ONE’ will do.” 

Occam’s Razor.

Therefore, given that each human being is a part of the whole then we should learn to develop our intelligence, empathy and compassion for all living things, sentient or non-sentient and learn to respect, love, nurture and protect that which is a part of us, as we are a part of it, which is a part of the all.

G.A.I.A. also supports ‘Global Arts in Action’ in furtherance of the above principles, aims and objectives and we ‘know’ that one day our species, ‘Homo Sapien’ {‘Wise Human’}, will create a beautiful World and a peaceful global society based on: ‘Common LAW. Common Equality. Common Unity. Common Sense. Common Intelligence. Common Denominator. Common Wealth and Common Love for all people and all living things upon this ‘Common Earth’. This is our future, our destiny and our teleological purpose in the 21st century.