“Number is the alphabet with which God has written the Universe”.


My name is Paul John O’Hara and over the last 20 years I have been creating art that reflects the beauty of sacred geometry, patterns and forms that are visible within nature.

{515. Art. Sacred Geometry. Intelligent Design. Teleology.}


After many years of developing my art, I also discovered that there are certain mathematical ratios, constants and geometrical proportions, which revealed evidence of intelligent design and teleology within our World and Universe.

This journey all began with the number 515.

{515. Art. Salt drawing. Conch. Phi. 1.618. Fibonacci. Spiral. Intelligent Design. GOD.}

“God and nature create nothing that does not fill a purpose.”


The word ‘Teleological’ comes from the Greek word ‘Telos’ which means ‘Purpose’. The ‘Teleological Argument’ thus states that our Universe is evolving and being directed towards a ‘Telos’ and evidence of intelligent design in our World and throughout the Universe is proof of the existence of an intelligent ‘MIND’.

Architect ~ Designer.


{515 Art Caravan. Intelligent design = Intelligent designer.}

“The Laws of Nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God”


To begin with, let me explain exactly what I mean by the term GOD.

The GOD I have discovered through my art is not based on the beliefs and faiths of any ANTHROPOCENTRIC religion, creed or dogma. For I do not agree and it does not make scientific or reasoned sense, that GOD is a separate entity, made only in the image of a man, who created everything and then observes his own creation, far away from Planet Earth.

Note: ANTHROPOCENTRIC = ‘Human Centered’ which EXCLUDES everything but itself’.

The GOD I am describing and I understand, is made in the image of all life, all gender, all species, all things and at all times. This is called a BIOCENTRIC view which is the opposite of Anthropocentric. The reason for this, is because the MIND {Mi} of GOD {G} actually exists and permeates within every particle and atom of ENERGY {E}. Therefore, it is impossible for anything to be separate or divided from GOD, for all living things and everything in existence is ENERGY. Also, there is no creation or destruction, LIFE or DEATH, beginning or end, for the ENERGY of GOD cannot be created or destroyed {1st Law of Thermodynamics}… but only eternally transformed. 

Note: BIOCENTRIC = ‘Life Centered’ which INCLUDES everything and itself.    

{515. Art. Omni Consciousness. ALL. MIND. GOD. ENERGY. BIOCENTRIC. Intelligent Design.}

“Do not multiply things unnecessarily when ‘ONE’ will do.”

Occam’s Razor.

Therefore, ALL matter, species and life forms upon Planet Earth and throughout the Universe, including YOU and I, are an interconnected and indivisible part of ONE, divine, holistic whole = OMNI conscious MIND and ENERGY of GOD.


GOD {G} = ENERGY {E} x MIND {Mi}

G = EMi




E = MC2


Mi = VO

As proof of the intelligent design of this ‘MIND of GOD‘, there are certain mathematical constants, ratio’s and proportions that I term the ‘Universal Blueprint’ or ‘Cosmic Plan’.


{515 art caravan. Intelligent design. Geometry. Teleology. GOD. GEMi.} 

“God built the Universe on numbers.”


The first evidence I would like to present for the existence of a Universal blueprint or plan, is revealed in our natural, physical World which is called the ‘ANALOGUE’. It was quite a revelation for me to discover, that the word analogue actually means ‘Ratio or Proportion’ and the number that is the KEY to that ratio and proportion is 515.

{P x Pi =Phi. Cosmological Constant. Intelligent Design. 515.}


The reason 515 is so important and is the KEY to the ‘Universal Blueprint’ is that the other two mathematical constants and design numbers in our Universe and World is the ‘CIRCLE’ whose RATIO is the circumference divided by the diameter = Pi.  The other is the ‘SPIRAL’ which is known as the golden MEAN,  section or Fibonacci Sequence which = Phi and there is only one number in existence that can multiply Pi to equal Phi.

That number = 515.


{515. Phi. Fibonacci Sequence. Golden Section. 1.618. Intelligent Design. GOD. GEMi.}

Note: I have given the number 515 the mathematical symbol P =

P = KEY == 0.51

Pi = RATIO = π = 3.142

Phi = MEAN = Φ = 1.618


“The KEY multiplies the RATIO to form the MEAN.”

x π = Φ

P x Pi = Phi.

.515 x 3.142 = 1.618


{Art. 515. P, Pi and Phi within the ‘Apple of Eden’.}


GOD{G} is the ENERGY {E} and MIND {Mi} of all existence and all being.


• ENERGY is the mass and light of GOD.

MIND is the infinite vibration of the COLLECTIVE consciousness of GOD.

• Therefore, INDIVIDUAL consciousness is an emergent property of the COLLECTIVE consciousness of GOD.

• The etymology of the word CONSCIOUSNESS means to “know” or become “aware”.

• Therefore, the divine teleological purpose of GOD and for ALL things, is that an individual consciousness with FREE WILL, can evolve and develop its own awareness, knowledge and intelligence, over many incarnations and life times {Karma}, to a level of self-realisation and NON-DUALITY with the collective consciousness of GOD and reach SINGULARITY.

At the exact point of singularity, the individual consciousness will then fully realise and KNOW that the collective consciousness of GOD, is indivisible from itself and the TWO then become ONE in perfect balance {51.5 degrees}, harmony, love and eternal unity.


 {515. Art. Salt. Cymatics. Sound. Vibration. GOD. GEMi}


In the beginning was the ‘WORD’ {vibration. sound. frequency. resonance.} and the word was made ‘FORM’ {matter. energy. particles. atoms. life. species.} 


Quantum Mechanics claims that the Universe is in a constant state of vibratory motion.

Theoretical Physics claims that there are tiny vibrating strands of ENERGY at the centre of all matter which they call ‘String Theory’.

As described in the DESIGN section of this 515 website, these vibrating strings of ENERGY are the infinite, neurological MATRIX of the MIND of GOD.

For further empirical proof of the existence of GOD, based on measurable evidence of ‘Intelligent Design’, the ‘Universal Blueprint’ and the number 515, please go to the HOME MENU above and press DESIGN.