“God does not play dice with the Universe.”

Albert Einstein.

Further to the facts I have presented in the home page of this website with respect to the importance of the number 515, I would like to share the following additional proof of the existence of GOD as evidenced by ‘Intelligent Design’ and a ‘Universal Blueprint’ within our analogue World and Universe. 


{515. Art. Salt Drawing. Circle. Pi. Divine Geometry. GOD. GEMi. Mind Matrix. Intelligent Design.}

“God is a circle whose centre is everywhere and circumference nowhere.”


The meaning of Voltaire’s words is that GOD {G} is omnipresent and omnidirectional because the MIND {Mi} of GOD exists within every single atom and particle of ENERGY {E}. Therefore, the centre of GOD must be everywhere because ENERGY is everywhere.

Also, there can be no circumference, for the MIND and ENERGY of GOD is eternally transforming and evolving ~ Ad Infinitum. Therefore, the circumference of GOD is nowhere, for there is no limit or boundary for infinity and the eternal.

Voltaire also states that the design of the Mind and Energy of GOD is a circle {Pi} which forms an interconnected and indivisible ‘NET’ or ‘MATRIX’ of circles throughout the Omniverse.


{515. Art. Circle. Pi. Divine Geometry. Flower of Life. GOD. GEMi. Mind Matrix. Intelligent Design.}

“Learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else.”

Leonardo da Vinci.

The visual representation of the ‘MIND of GOD’ in the form of a ‘NET’ or ‘MATRIX’ of interconnected circles, has been known for thousands of years by many different civilisations and cultures and is called the ‘FLOWER of LIFE’ design pattern


Quantum Physicists have discovered that everything in the Universe is made up of a matrix of interconnected particles. This is called QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT. They have proven this by observing that a change in one sub-atomic particle, will instantaneously cause the exact same change in another particle, even if those particles are separated by billions of light-years of space-time. 


{Leonardo Da Vinci:-  “Flower of Life” ~ “Codex Atlanticus”. Circa – 1478.}

The amazing revelation I was to discover within the ‘Flower of Life’ design pattern, was that every single circle and its corresponding, interconnected circle within the matrix, has a base angle of exactly 51.5 degrees.



The mathematical probability that 515 would be exactly the same number for the equation P x Pi = Phi is impossible to calculate and therefore, could not be chance, natural selection or any other random process or theory proposed. It is clearly measurable proof and evidence of the existence of ‘Intelligent Design’ by an ‘Intelligent Mind’ = GOD = GEMi


{Max Plank. 20th c. Quantum Physics. Nobel Prize Winner. Intelligent Design. Mind. Matrix. 515. GOD. }


As further evidence of intelligent design within the ‘Flower of Life’ pattern, the following schematic drawings I have done by hand, ruler and compass, show that all the ‘Platonic Solids’ and ‘Euclidean Geometry’ within the ANALOGUE {Ratio/Proportion} World and Universe we all exist in, are perfectly aligned within this 51.5 degree matrix.

“The knowledge of which geometry aims is the knowledge of the eternal.”

















Also contained within the Flower of Life design and perfectly aligned within the 51.5 degree matrix is the classic drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci called “The Vitruvian Man”. This drawing was part of a book entitled, “De Divina Proportione” which means “On the Divine Proportion” {1509}.

Fig I.

Fig II.

Fig III.

Therefore, 51.5 degrees is the perfect angle of alignment, balance and harmony within the Universal Blueprint Design of the infinite MIND MATRIX of GOD. 

{Great Pyramid of Giza. 2,500BC. Base angle 51.5 degrees. GOD. GEMi. Intelligent Design. Divine Proportion.}

It is also the reason why the ‘Great Pyramid of Giza’ was built with a base angle to the sides of exactly 51.5 degrees, to symbolise the divine nature of their rulers, the Pharoh. Therefore, they built the pyramid to divine proportion, measure and design.

{Glass Pyramid. 1984. Louvre. Paris. France. Sacred Geometry. 51.5 Degrees. Intelligent Design}

And also the reason why the glass pyramid in the Louvre, Paris, France which was completed in 1984, has been built with a base angle to the sides of exactly 51.5 degrees.

More revelations within the “Flower of Life” matrix and evidence of intelligent design is related to the dimensions of Planet Earth and the Moon. As John Michel illustrated in his books, “The Dimensions of Paradise” and the “City of Revelation” {1971}, the radius of the Earth {3,960 miles} and the Moon {1,080 miles}, aligned side by side, creates what is called the “Earth, Moon, Pi Proportion”.  



As can be seen, when the Earth and Moon are aligned side by side, at the correct measurement and radius proportion of 3.666…, you create a 51.5 degree triangle from the Earth’s equator to the centre of the Moon’s equator. 



Once again, like the Vitruvian Man and all the Platonic Solids and Euclidean Geometry, the Earth Moon Pi Proportion fits perfectly within the Flower of Life 51.5 degree matrix as does London, UK and the Great Pyramid of Giza. 


Longitude of London = o degrees.

Latitude of London = 51.5 degrees.



Another amazing revelation with regards to intelligent design, is that the orbit of the Moon about the Earth lies in an ecliptic plane which is tilted by 5.15 degrees with respect to the plane of the Earths orbit about the Sun. If this tilt was zero, we would have total solar and lunar eclipses every month!

As further evidence of the significance of the number 515, the following information clearly shows, that many Governments, religions, secret societies and organisations are fully aware of  the existence of intelligent design in our World and Universe and the importance of the number 515


The Prime Meridian for Planet Earth was decided in Washington DC, USA on the 1st November 1884. As a result, the International Date Line was drawn up and 24 time zones were created. The centre for World Time was decided to be in Greenwich, London, UK and Greenwich Mean Time, GMT was born. The geographical coordinates for Greenwich are as follows:

Longitude = Zero degrees.

Latitude = 51.5 degrees.


51.5 degree Latitude, Prime Meridian, Greenwich, London.

Also, the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, founded in 1675 by Charles II, features the ‘Peter Harrison Planetarium’ which has been built to an angle of exactly 51.5 degrees to the horizontal and is aligned to the North Star. 

Further evidence is that the World Headquarters for the Masonic Order is based in London at the United Grand Lodge of England {U.G.L.E.} in their ‘Grand Temple’ building which lies at a geographic latitude of exactly = 51 degrees 51 minutes 51 seconds.

  Wikipedia: Top right – Latitude coordinates = 51.51’51” degrees.

The ‘Masonic Motto’ clearly indicates their belief in ‘Intelligent Design’ and the existence of  an ‘Intelligent Designer’ or ‘Architect:


In The Name 

Of The Great

Architect Of The Universe”.

515 is also the magic, enigmatic number used in Dante’s, Divine Comedy, Purgatorio: Canto XXXIII and is known as the great, unsolved riddle.

“For verily I see and hence narrate it,

The stars already near to bring the time,

From every hindrance safe and every bar,

Within which a five-hundred, ten and five {515}…

…Who shall this difficult enigma solve?”

{Dante holding a copy of the Divine Comedy. Purgatoria. Canto XXXIII = 515

More revelations include the dimensions of NOAH’s ARK was 300 Egyptian cubits in length = 515 feet and 30 cubits in height = 51.5 feet.


On the third day after his crucifixion, Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead. Over the next 40 days Jesus appeared a dozen times to more than 515 different individuals.


And finally, the ‘TEMPLE of JERUSALEM’ was rebuilt in 515BC.


“I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In England’s green & pleasant Land.”