I dedicate this 515 website in honour and loving memory of my beautiful Grandson Gemi, who was born with a complex, congenital heart condition and sadly lived for only 10 months.

I love you eternally Gemi.



Gemi Ryan O’Hara.

17th June 2016 ~ 25th April 2017

Gemi was the was the first born of my eldest son Alex and his wife Rose and he was also my first Grandchild. Alex and Rose decided to name their son Gemi in dedication to the 515 art and the name I had created in 2010, for my understanding of the nature and existence of the universal consciousness of GOD.

{My son Alex with his wife Rose holding Gemi beside the 515 caravan.}

GOD {G} = ENERGY {E} and MIND {Mi}

G = EMi



To the right is Rose.

To the left is my eldest son Alex.

To the front is my youngest son Sean.